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Frequently asked questions

Full name of the company: Closed Joint-Stock Company CV PROTEK

Is your company a participant of a pilot project on labelling and monitoring the movement of medicinal products? Yes

Registration number in the personal account of the productive contour of FGIS MDLP (Federal Public Information System for Monitoring the Movement of Medicinal Products) 891400c2-e849-4329-acb5-c5d7017a1503

Place of business number (subject_id) in the live environment of FGIS MDLP 00000000000397

Registration number of a company in the GS1 System. GCP (Global Company Prefix) – 461001021

Global location number (GLN) in the GS1 System. 4610010219994

Is the company registered in the “sandbox” test environment of FGIS MDLP? Yes

Participant registration number in the personal account of the “sandbox” test environment. 4c728395-d159-425f-8dda-88ef2c6e00f0

Place of business number (subject_id) in the test environment of FGIS MDLP. 00000000000383

Are you ready for data exchange (SSCC / SGTIN codes) in the live and/or test environment of FGIS MDLP? Yes (both live and sandbox), but we are presently not interested in testing, as were are already working in the live environment.

How do you interact with suppliers in terms of data transfer in FGIS MDLP (direct/reverse acceptance)? Direct acceptance - for deliveries from the secondary market, reverse acceptance - for import deliveries.

How do you interact with pharmacies in terms of data transfer in FGIS MDLP (direct/reverse acceptance)? Within the framework of the “Labelling” project, during cooperation with clients, CV Protek uses reverse acceptance, as it is a less costly option for our company. We use direct acceptance when shipping labelled goods only to customers from the public market and wholesalers who mainly order goods in boxes.

Can you divide supplies of labelled and unlabelled products to pharmacies? Currently there is no detachment of labelled products into separate document in place (the issue is under consideration).

Can you indicate the “Labelled Product” additional attribute in electronic bills of lading while supplying unlabelled products to pharmacies? CV Protek is ready to include the “marked batch” attribute in electronic consignment notes.

FIAS identifier: b6bc316d-7e23-4464-b07b-a8f921d21680

Address: Moscow Region, Pushkinsky District, Tarasovka Village, Bolshaya Tarasovskaya Street, Estate 1, Building 1

Currently, how are your labeled and unlabeled products delivered – in individual packages and waybills or all mixed up? Labeled products are shipped without separation from unlabeled products and included in the document for unlabeled products. As for the setting up a labeled drug lot we probably will form marks in an electronic bill on the shipment of labeled products. At the moment, labeled products are shipped with a separate document registered in MDLP (by preliminary arrangement and for verification of software functionality).

Are the products transferred as a set of boxes (SSCC) or as individual drugs (SGTIN)? During the shipment of retail products, they are transferred as separate SGTIN. However, if the ordered quantity is divisible by boxes (and boxes are available in stock) the products will be transferred as a set of SSCC (unopened factory boxes). We do not plan to aggregate the assembled retail quantities into SSCC because the “reversed” acceptance approach is used.

In the “Sandbox”, MDLP is provided upon request and no more than five SGTIN at any one time. Is there enough SGTIN and/or SSCC in your testing environment to run multiple tests at the same time? CV PROTEK has participated in testing of shipments from several suppliers in the “Sandbox”, consequently it has several hundreds of SGTIN “in turnover” for test purposes.

At the moment, we are negotiating to purchase software for cryptographic code generation. For better understanding of the service market, could you please inform us which software provider you have worked with and who provided training and necessary hardware and software for labeling. CV PROTEK has been directly integrated into MDLP (through API) using own resources.

Have you purchased the labeling equipment as a manufacturer? CV PROTEK is not a manufacturer but a distributor, consequently we do not need any equipment for serialization or aggregation.

Question to distributors from foreign manufacturers: is aggregation mandatory before the pallets or it is enough before the boxes? Is it enough to transmit only SSCC-codes of boxes in diagrams “331-foreign_shipment.xsd”, “911-unit_pack.xsd” and “915-multi_pack.xsd”? Or does it apply to pallets as well? Aggregation of labeled products into pallets itself is not mandatory but in case it is completed and stated in MDLP (911-unit_pack), labeled products should be shipped to the Buyer (CV PROTEK) with the indication of SSCC pallet in 331-foreign_shipment. The most important thing is to correctly display the aggregation of the labeled product so that the actual is not different from the accounted in MDLP.

How will you organize the procedure for return of marked products from pharmacies? We are kindly asking you to use the reverse acceptance procedure when returning marked products. Please note that CV Protek will not be able to accept returned products you purchased from other suppliers.

How will you organize the procedure for dealing with quantity discrepancies when you ship marked products to pharmacies? When we use the reverse acceptance procedure, we will issue a correction tax invoice without registration in the pharmaceutical monitoring system if a claim for a delivery shortage is satisfied (provided that such claim has been submitted within the period stipulated for submitting such claims).

Contact persons for inquiries related to issues concerning the interaction within the framework of MDLP Mikhail Golovin
Lead Systems Analyst, Automation Office, Information Technology Department, CV Protek CJSC
Svetlana Sidorova
Project Manager, Automation Office, Information Technology Department, CV Protek CJSC

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