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The pharmacies marketing association “ProApteka” provides to independent pharmacies main advantages of large pharmacies chains making possible the yield, stability and competitiveness increase and by that strengthening their market positions.

According to the results of 2020, “ProApteka” united some  7600 participants in all the regions of the Russian Federation. Partnership relations by the collective advance of pharmaceutical products as well as articles for beauty and health were established with more than 130 manufacturers as part of the association.

Pharmacies which are participants of the association benefit from joining efforts profiting by preferences for the purchase of pharmaceuticals, taking part of manufacturers’ marketing programs, getting financing assurance from CV “PROTEK”, and also the access to private label products and to the full range of services of the biggest retailer of the country.

In frames of “ProApteka” retail representatives also use free of charge advanced technologies of the assortment optimization and of its yield increase. The effective management system “ePharma2” lets automatize the main operation procedures from taking the decision about the purchase of article from the supplier to the disposal and generation of all necessary accounting. The unit “F3 RAP” appoints the prospective commercial names of the pharmacy providing its maximal profit. The “Eprika” program unites the offers of different suppliers providing with the opportunity to generate by optimal terms a summary order “of one contact”.

The participation in the association “ProApteka” supposes the united high professional standards at document management, service and exterior design of independent pharmacies with their total autonomy.

The brand “ProApteka” is a quality mark which assures to a pharmacy the awareness and to a customer - high quality and safety of pharmaceuticals, variety of products, modern standards of service and best prices.

The cooperation of production companies with “ProApteka” gives new possibility to increase the market share due to new sales outlets and the acceleration of the launch of specialties on pharmacies counters. Therewith, the partners-representatives of the industrial sector can use terms for running campaigns in pharmacies of the association and for placement of promos in salesrooms.

In 2020 “ProApteka” was ranked second among Russian drugstore marketing associations by IQVIA. The share of the union in the market of medicines, according to IQVIA, is 8.9%.

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