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eZakaz electronic order system

Today, up to 80% of all pharmacy orders are formed through electronic order systems. In 1995, CV PROTEK was among the first to create an electronic order system (EOS) for medications.

The application makes it possible for our customers to obtain prompt information on the stock assortment and to form orders in real time.

Today, eZakaz system is used by over 20,000
pharmacies across Russia!

Currently, CV PROTEK offers pharmacies a new improved eZakaz electronic order system.

The eZakaz electronic order system is designed to receive price lists and send orders. The application is easy to use and provides many additional services:

  • work from a single computer with multiple payers and recipients;
  • records of orders and electronic invoices;
  • a list of medications being out of stock at order placement;
  • making up an order using analogs;
  • extended information about medications;
  • form of claims with regard to goods (excessive or insufficient quantities, etc.);
  • latest company news and promotion ads;
  • run of the application in the batch mode (using a command line);
  • exchange of electronic documents with warehouse systems of pharmacies (support of an up-to-date XML-based CommercML format for the documents import/export);

The main attention when developing the application was given to the convenience of the interface. We provided an extensive system of searching for drugs in the price list: by the medication code, first letters of the name, a fragment of the name, and a fragment of the description of the medication. There are also different ways of applying filters: by product category, by manufacturer, by international non-proprietary name.

Convenient round-the-clock access

Our system’s servers operate on a twenty-four-hour basis, so that you can have an updated price list and make an order any time, with the purchased item immediately reserved in stock.

You can use any type of connection to run the eZakaz application:

  • the Internet;
  • mobile communication using GPRS technology.

Free of charge technical support

A special service of Spargo Technologies ZAO provides free technical support for electronic order systems. The service employees will answer all the questions related to the installation and operation of the electronic order software. You just leave your application over the phone at (495) 737-3514 or send an email to 3333@protek.ru, indicating your name, contact number, and a brief description of the problem. The applications are accepted on a round-the-clock basis.

We are always open to your requests and comments on the eZakaz system. Thanks to your feedback we can quickly make changes and improve the application, providing a convenient tool to operate.

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