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Electronic order system with ePrica, consolidated price list functionality

ePrica is a product developed jointly by CV PROTEK, national pharmaceutical distributor, and Spargo Technologies, the leader of the internal market of automated inventory and stock bookkeeping in pharmacies. The ePrica IT solution extends customary capabilities of the electronic order system to a more ultimate product integrating offers from various suppliers and enabling a client to make up a consolidated order on a “one-stop shop principle”.

Enjoy the capabilities and advantages of ePrica software product

  • Making up an order to any supplier using a single application.
  • Integrated electronic documents management: from the receipt of a confirmation or rejection to the order sent to the supplier and to the uploading of electronic invoices, quality certificates, and forming of reclamations.
  • Import of electronic invoices from suppliers in a comprehensive format, automatic roll-out thereof in any (adjustable) format into the client’s inventory recordkeeping system.
  • Comparison of distributors’ prices and selection of optimal offers allowing for minimization of inventory replenishment costs.
  • Regular price list updating.
  • Price history by medications broken down by suppliers.
  • Synchronization of all price lists with the Unified Catalogue covering medication descriptions, categorical features of items (vital and essential medicines, basic stock), pricing information (registry-based prices), etc. The reconciliation to the supplier’s stock-list and timely update of the Unified Catalogue are carried out by qualified pharmaceutists.
  • Provision of the fullest scope of information on the supplier’s commodity items: shelf life, producer’s price, a registry-based price, details of boxed items and minimal amount for an order, delivery time, etc.
  • Stop-list maintenance — this is a list of items that are currently out of stock and that should be ordered as soon as possible. The application carries out automatic search of this item in new uploaded price lists and proposes to make up an order.
  • Filter system, dynamic search by several key phrases, sorting by price.
  • Creation of standard templates for regularly ordered medications.
  • A possibility to make up and send orders with several consignees.
  • News and sales promotions by suppliers (manufacturers).
  • Specialized hotline for prompt technical support.

Improve yourself together with us/Upgrading all together

The relationships between the clients and Spargo Technologies are being established in the form of a dialogue making it possible to improve the application and extend its capabilities.

The continuous improvement and client and supplier’s feedback management enable the Company to offer a software product of high functionality, satisfying the requirements of the changing pharmaceutical market.

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