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Circulation of electronic documents with pharmacies

Pharmaceutical industry features by a large amount of circulated documents. On a daily basis, dozens of documents containing hundreds and thousands of items are circulated between a pharmacy and a distributor. Under these circumstances, the conventional, i.e. paper, document circulation may be very time-consuming and challenging for both parties.

In order to reduce document circulation costs in tenfold it is enough just to replace papers with electronic documents. CV PROTEK suggests its clients an electronic document circulation system called SBIS that has a number of advantages:

  • SBIS is used by 9 out of 10 largest federal pharmaceutical distributors of Russia; hence, you will be able to effectively cooperate with all large suppliers.
  • SBIS features a vivid and clear interface – one would not spend more than 5 minutes to master it.
  • To start the work, a pharmacy should provide an electronic signature, and what is more, the pharmacy may get this signature for the SBIS system free of charge at registration.
  • SBIS is the only product that is capable of automatic allocation of documents among the consignee pharmacies, making available to employees of a pharmacy only those documents that pertain to their particular pharmacy.

SBIS makes it possible for pharmacies to essentially optimize all workflows associated with the document circulation, by offering the following options:

  • receipt of primary documents immediately upon execution of a transaction by a manager;
  • automatic downloading of a document into a bookkeeping system;
  • prompt retrieval of any document;
  • access to documents provided solely to authorized employees;
  • free receipt of documents from any other supplier;
  • reduction of costs for maintenance of an archive and improvement of the archive reliability (the documents may be stored both on the operator’s secure server, and on a local computer).

The SBIS system operates in an online mode and is accessible from any device with Internet connection. It is not required to install any additional software.  In order to connect to SBIS, a client should contact its manager from CV PROTEK, sign the agreement on change-over to electronic document circulation, register own personal account at  sbis.ru and receive the first electronic document in the inbox folder. If the Internet connection is not available to you, you can connect to the EDC (electronic document circulation) module via ePrica (link)

Should you have any technical issues, please, call 8-800-100-33-06 or contact your manager at CV PROTEK.

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