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CV PROTEK has a large-scale logistic structure capable of delivering medications and health and beauty care products to any point in Russia. The regional chain is comprised of 42 branches.

To achieve a high level of service in any point in Russia, PROTEK manages 4 regional departments: "Moscow", "Center", "Volga", "Southeast". CV PROTEK’s logistic structure is organized in compliance with all the standards for storage and transportation of medications.

CV PROTEK’s logistic system in figures:

  • 42
  • 3 mln
    Number of delivery
    points per year
  • 6 thous.
    Average number of
    delivery points throughout
    Moscow and the Region
    per day
  • 900
    Number of vehicles used
    for the delivery
    per day

Warehouse capacity and technologies

CV PROTEK specializes in the storage of medications and parapharmaceutical products, possessing the necessary infrastructure and competences. The total area of warehouse premises is over 172 thous. sq. m.

At its warehouses, CV PROTEK introduced a unified stock management system applied at all the storage stages – from receipt in store to shipment to a retail unit.

PROTEK carries out monthly monitoring, making it possible to ensure efficient stock management in all the regions and minimize losses. Our additional advantage is the online information support provided to the client in respect of the data related to the stock and services rendered.

CV PROTEK’s warehouse system in figures

  • 172 thous.
    sq. m total area
    of warehouse premises
  • 154 thous.
    Total number of
    pallet positions
  • 200 mln
    Warehouse productivity
    at average load items per year

The central logistic complex of CV PROTEK

The central logistic complex of CV PROTEK – Transservice customs warehouse terminal is located in Pushkino, Moscow Region. Here, we carry out the dispatch of goods to all the branches of the company, collect orders for our clients from Moscow Region and adjacent regions. Within the terminal, there is a customs zone with its own infrastructure: a customs warehouse, a temporary storage warehouse and Mamontovsky Customs Post of the Moscow Regional Customs Service. The complex provides shipments for the clients within Moscow Region 3 times per twenty-four hours and from 1 to 4 times a week – to all the company’s branches.

In order to provide prompt and uninterrupted collection of orders from our clients, we use advanced warehousing technologies:

  • cross-docking – receipt in store and prompt formation of orders at the warehouse without placing the item in the storage area
  • consolidated sorting – simultaneous collection of several orders
  • “charge and shoot” technology – time allocation of replenishment and order composition operations
  • wave-type composition – performance of orders in accordance with the established priorities
  • load management – communication with retail subdivisions and clients to regulate the receipt, processing and delivery of orders

Transservice in figures:

  • 56 000
    sq. m total
    area of the terminal
  • 54 000
    Number of pallet
  • 1 mln
    Number of order
    lines processed within 24 hours

Transservice Customs Warehouse

At its warehouses, CV PROTEK introduced a unified stock management system applied at all the storage stages – from receipt in store to shipment to a retail unit.

Transservice Customs Warehouse provides a wide range of storage, shipping paperwork and certification services for the internal market. The basic operations carried out by the customs warehouse are as follows:

  • receipt of medications to the temporary storage warehouse and the customs warehouse, arrangement of cargo onto pallets;
  • storing at the temporary storage warehouse and the customs warehouse in compliance with the required temperature conditions;
  • performance of shipping paperwork in export, re-export, temporary import and other modes;
  • certification and dispatch of products to the end consumer, making up an individual order.

Transservice Customs Warehouse carries out prompt electronic notification of a client regarding the arrival of a vehicle with the cargo at the customs control area.

For the client’s convenience, the information on the goods storage is entered into the warehouse automation system. You can track your inventory stock (link) via your personal account, using your login and password.

New pattern of effective cooperation with foreign suppliers

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