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ZdravCity becomes sole partner of Apteki RLS, new pharmaceuticals ordering service

ZdravCity (an online service developed by CV PROTEK) has become the sole partner of Apteki RLS, a new pharmaceuticals ordering service launched in May.

ZdravCity offers more than 12 thousand medicinal and beauty and healthcare brands available for ordering at Apteki RLS portal. Users can compare prices and place orders, and once the customer has paid for the order, it will be ready for pick up at any partner pharmacy (there are 15 thousand pharmacies in total in 78 regions of Russia) of their choice.

Aptekirls.ru is a new service for millions of rlsnet.ru (RLS®) users. This portal contains information about medicines (ingredients and dosage form, pharmacological effect, indications and contraindications, side effects, drug-active ingredient interaction), shows analogue and similar drugs; the customer can look up the necessary information and then use the link to aptekirls.ru to select the medicine they need and place an order.

“We have begun our cooperation with RLS® three years ago: users could use links to ZdravCity site and order a wide variety of drugs (12 thousand brands),” points out Dauren Abeuov, head of CV Protek’s e-commerce department. “Our partnership with RLS®’ new platform, Apteki RLS, is an opportunity for us to gain new audience, for which we ensure quality and safety of medicinal and other products sold at pharmacies.”

CV Protek, the largest pharmaceuticals distributor in Russia, which is partnered with major domestic and international manufacturers, is responsible for the quality and safe transportation of drugs available at ZdravCity.

“ZdravCity service offers Apteki RLS’ users only certified products and excludes any possibility of encountering any counterfeit drug. The products come directly from CV Protek’s warehouses that maintain the necessary temperature and humidity control, which is of vital importance when we talk about storage of medicines. This was the crucial reason why we have chosen ZdravCity as our partner for aptekirls.ru,” says Vitaly Sadkov, Marketing Director of RLS®.

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