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Within two months more than 500 thousands of “Pochta Bank” customers have joined “My Health” programme.

Throughout the period from 11th of April to 18th of June, more than 513 thousands of “Pochta Bank” customers joined “My Health” programme of the Protek Implementation Center which allows them to use perquisites when ordering drugs. They receive secured discount of 3% aside from the basic allowance for the participants of the programme (up to 70%). There is an additional cashback charge of 3% for welfare recipients if paying for drugs with bank card.

The major activity in joining “My Health” programme was shown by “Pochta Bank” customers in Moscow (27%), Saint Petersburg (8%), Ufa (6%), Nizhniy Novgorod (5%), Krasnodar (4%) and Novosibirsk (4%). Among the most popular products ordered by “Pochta Bank” customers are painkillers, antiviral and cold-relief medicines, drugs for gastrointestinal diseases treatment, and topical antiseptics. New customers who have opened an account in “Pochta Bank” are joined to “My Health” programme automatically, other customers can join it by contacting the bank's contact center, customer center, or bank’s Point Of Service in the nearest post office. Customer identification in the programme is realized by using their mobile phone number.

“My Health” is a social support programme for patients, accompanying them at varios stages of treatment and disease prevention. The participants of the programme are receiving discounts up to 70% for the wide range of drug products, nutraceuticals, health goods and for medical services. You can place an order on the website moezdorovie.ru or by calling the hotline phone 8-800-500-45-49 to use the advice of a professional pharmacist. You can pay and pick up an order at one of 14 thousand pharmacies across Russia.  

“During the first two months, the collaboration with “Pochta Bank” showed an excellent result ‒ more than 500 thousand new participants joined the programme. Now the bank’s customers have access to more than 250 discounted items from the manufacturers, including expensive and medications which require a long-term intake. For the welfare recipients we are pulling off a special offer - along with the first order under the programme they are receiving vitamins, beauty products and other goods as gifts at choice.  We will continue to increase the number of personal offers for the various groups of bank customers while taking their needs into account. In addition, we are offering to use medical services ‒ discounts on tests in partner laboratories, a digital health diary to monitor the efficacy of the treatment, ‒ noted Alexander Sotnik, the head of the project "My Health".

“Our joint project with CV Protek is successfully operating throughout the country and we see a great interest to it from our customers with the welfare recipients above all. Already more than half a million of them can take advantage of additional discounts when buying medicines. Now every second new bank’s customer joins this programme, and I am sure that with the development of the programme and the presentation of new services and capabilities in it, their number will only grow”, said Grigory Babajanyan, the Vice President, the head of Products and Technologies of “Pochta Bank”.

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