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Managers of Protek Group were included in the TOP-1000 Russian Managers

At the end of 2019, five managers of Protek Group were included in the annual TOP-1000 Russian Managers rating published on 15 September in the Kommersant newspaper.

President of Protek Group, Vadim Muzyaev, General Director of CV Protek (distribution segment of Protek Group) Dmitry Pogrebinsky and General Director of Rigla pharmacy chain (retail segment of Protek Group) Alexander Filippov took positions in the TOP-250 top executives. Top managers of Rigla pharmacy chain - commercial director Natalya Burdina and deputy general director for personnel management Olga Kotelnikova - were included in the TOP-100 directors by area.

“By the end of 2019, the top managers of Protek Group are again among the best in Russia. Every year, the high professional level and managerial competencies of our employees are confirmed by TOP-1000 experts - candidates for the current year’s rating and laureates of ratings from previous years. Strong personnel potential is the basis of the long-term leadership of Protek Group at the pharmaceutical market”, said Vadim Muzyaev, President of Protek Group.

The TOP-1000 Russian Managers rating has been published since 2001. The list is formed by the Russian Managers Association with the consulting support of Kommersant Publishing House and verified by the members of the TOP-1000 Prize Academy. The experts are the candidates of the current year’s rating and the laureates of the ratings of the previous years. The final results of the rating are verified at the meetings of the expert commissions. This year, two new pilot projects were launched: “TOP-20 Development Directors” and “TOP-20 Investor Relations Directors”. The managers represented in them are not included in the main list of “TOP-1000 Russian Managers”.

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