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Central Logistics Complex of CV PROTEK celebrates its anniversary

May 25 marks the 10th anniversary of the Central Logistics Complex of CV PROTEK based in the town of Pushkino (14 kilometres from MKAD [Moscow Ring Road] via Yaroslavskoye Shosse). It is a modern complex of A + class that meets GDP and GSP international standards and provides a full range of storage services. The Central Logistics Complex is servicing the area which includes Moscow and Moscow, Voronezh, Orel, Tula, Nizhny Novgorod, Ryazan, Ivanovo, Tambov, Lipetsk, Bryansk, Vladimir, Kaluga, Smolensk and Tver Regions.

The Logistics Complex received the first batch in 2006. Its capacity was 27 thousand pallets; 60 thousand order lines a day were processed manually.

For 10 years, the Central Logistics Complex has gone a long way: from 2006 to 2016 the number of serviced regions grew by more than twice (from 7 to 15), the number of items shipped for a month increased by 4 times (from 2 million to 8 million), a maximum monthly volume of cargo shipped in containers increased almost by the same times from 26 million in 2006 to 100 million in 2016. The number of customer daily serviced by the Central Logistics Complex of CV PROTEK has increased by more than twice (from 3 thousand to 7.5 thousand) over these years.

In addition to capacity development and optimization of warehousing, attention is paid to the preservation of product quality and improvement in the service levels for suppliers and customers as half of the total package of documents is used in the electronic documents management; there are electronic services, in particular, a reporting service.

In late April, the Central Logistics Complex of CV PROTEK announced the transfer of customers to returnable containers. The process will be completed in June 2016. Owing to such innovation, a wholesale unit will be able to significantly reduce costs, pharmacies will save on disposal of single-use packaging, and the sanitary conditions in premises will be much easier to maintain.

“Despite the recent economic crisis, a distribution market of the Russia’s central region demonstrates a stable positive dynamics, and we are ready to support this. By 2018 the Central Logistics Complex of CV PROTEK will have completed a two-stage project for conveyor modernization, which will allow for processing 1 million order lines a day. It is twice as much as today’s capacity of warehousing equipment,” said Dmitry Pogrebinsky, a General Director of CV PROTEK.

Company profile

CV PROTEK is Russia's largest national distributor of pharmaceuticals and beauty and health products, which has been operating in the pharmaceutical market of Russia since 1990. The company supplies products to all regions of the Russian Federation. The total warehousing area of CV PROTEK exceeds 160 thousand sq. m. At its warehouses, the company introduced a unified stock management system applied at all the storage stages—from receipt in store to shipment to a retail unit.

Central Logistics Complex of CV PROTEK in Pushkino (Moscow Region) services 15 regions of the Russian Federation. The area of the Central Logistics Complex is 56,800 sq. m, capacity is 50 thousand pallets. The Central Logistics Complex of CV PROTEK processes 600 thousand order lines a day. The range of the Central Logistics Complex includes over 13 thousand items.

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