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CV Protek compliance policy

Compliance means the compliance of CV Protek employees’ activity with the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation and applicable norms of international laws, as well as with by-laws and internal regulations, decisions of CV Protek management bodies.

Compliance with laws means following legal rules which violation may result in criminal or administrative sanctions, as well as strict compliance with by-laws and regulations related thereto.

Compliance is an integral part of business and a task of primary importance. The Policy of interaction with public officials, existing in the company, represents the code of corporate regulations and rules applicable in the sphere of legal regulation.

The Policy is aimed at maintenance of authority and confidence in the company from contractors, partners, shareholders and employees.

The principle of carrying out of the current activity consists in compliance with legal rules and transparency of business processes.

CV Protek has mandatory instructions and directives, obliging all employees to act in accordance with provisions of law and ethical principles:

  1. The Protek Group and its subsidiaries and affiliates Policy of interaction with public officials.
  2. The CV Protek code of corporate conduct.
  3. Orders.

Compliance in action

  1. In order to ensure growth of the company’s authority and credibility from partners, shareholders and employees, the company’s main priority consists in legality and transparency of its business processes.
  2. For achievement of the above-mentioned goals the company’s management should be aware of all acts of infringement, especially of any violations of corporate regulations and rules. .

Hot line

The company’s employees and partners may provide information on violation of internal rules, as well as applicable laws. The information may be provided both by phone (495)737-35-00 (incoming calls are not tracked, and the informing person is not registered) and by e-mail: protek@protek.ru

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