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Key milestones in the development of the company


      •  CV PROTEK established the marketing association “ProApteka” professional union of independent pharmacies of federal scale.
      • CV “PROTEK” launched a new warehouse complex of 2.4 thousand m2 size. The complex equipped with high-technological machinery fully complied with GDP standards.
      •   CV “PROTEK” started usage of returnable containers in the supplies of the products from the Central warehouse of Transservice  terminal.

  • Construction of a new warehouse "Transservice-2" with 42 thousand pallets and an area of 23 thousand square meters in Pushkino (TST-2). The new complex will be commissioned in the first half of 2017.
  • Spend automated warehouses in St. Petersburg and Samara.

  • Dmitry Pogrebinsky was appointed the General Director of CV PROTEK
  • CV PROTEK launched the electronic documentation in more than 10 000 pharmacies.
  • CV PROTEK opened a new branch with storage facility of more than 1000 m2 in Yakutsk
  • CV Protek launches Client Portal
  • CV Protek won the 2012 “IT-LEADER” prize in the “Chemical and pharmaceuticals industry” nomination for its outstanding contribution in development of information technology in Russia.
  • CV Protek launched a large scale project on implementation of returnable empties in the company’s logistics system.
  • CV Protek implements electronic document management with vendors.
  • CV Protek finished installation of additional automated line at the Transservice central logistical hub
  • Automation of warehouse complex in Yekaterinburg
  • CV PROTEK is admitted the most influencial distributor
  • CV PROTEK is recognized the most influential distributor and awarded a Platinum Ounce as the Distributor of the Year.
  • Formation of logistic system on the basis of multiregional warehouses.
  • Opening of regional logistic centers in Samara, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Voronezh.
  • Acquirement of AS-Bureau distributor company (Ekaterinburg).
  • Putting into operation of Trans Service customs-warehouse terminal with storage area of 56,000 square meters with modern automatic order collecting line for customers in Moscow, Moscow Oblast and a number of regions of the Central district.
  • In Pushkinsky district of Moscow Oblast PROTEK puts into operation the first phase (27 thousand pallet places) of ТSТ Trans Service pharmaceutical products customs-warehouse processing terminal.
  • CV PROTEK becomes one of the main government partners in implementation of additional pharmacological support program for privileged category of citizens.
  • CV PROTEK turnover amounts to more than 1.2 billion USD.
  • The total CV PROTEK warehouses’ area comprises more than 100,000 square meters.
  • A new office and warehouse complex Gazon of 18,000 square meters is opened in Moscow.
  • In 2002 under the Group reorganisation ОАО PROTEK is established being a parent company consolidating shareholdings in authorised capitals of its subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • The structure of CV PROTEK regional network includes 39 branches and 15 regional representative offices.
  • The company’s warehouse range in Moscow reaches 6,500 items. PROTEK warehouses’ area comprises 62,000 square meters.
  • CV PROTEK acts as a cofounder of SoyuzPharma Association.
  • CV PROTEK is awarded a medal of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences “For achieved success and contribution to the development of new forms of collaboration between the fundamental science and the pharmaceutical business”.
  • The Company is awarded the Distributor of the Year title in the First Open Contest among the pharmaceutical industry professionals “Platinum Ounce 2000”.
  • CV PROTEK is recognized one of 20 most successful Russian companies according to the independent rating of Company magazine.
  • CV PROTEK opens one of the Eastern Europe largest office and warehouse complexes of 25,000 square meters in Moscow.
  • The 20-th CV PROTEK branch is registered.
  • Upon annual results, CV PROTEK for the first time occupies the leading positions in the ratings of product importers to Russia
  • CV PROTEK is the first Russian pharmaceutical distributor to start using modem communication with drugstores.
  • CV PROTEK starts working with Russian pharmaceutical producers. First regional branches are opened in Volgograd and Saint Petersburg.
  • CV PROTEK obtained a licence on the pharmaceutical bisiness
  • CV PROTEK starts supplies of pharmaceuticals of the Hungarian plant Gedeon Richter. The list of suppliers expands, contracts are made with such Hungarian pharmaceutical producers as Egis, Biogal, Chinoin.
  • CV PROTEK achieves agreement on entry into the first contract for supply of medication with the largest Hungarian pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter. The priority line of the Company’s activity — distribution of pharmaceuticals — is determined.
  • CV PROTEK carries out activities in various fields including information technology.
  • November 21 — CV PROTEKPROTEK is registered.