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ProApteka and Rigla launched an electronic trading project

In February ProApteka, a marketing association of independent pharmacies and Rigla Pharmacy Chain (PROTEK Group) launched a direct purchase project entitled “My Price” on the basis of an electronic trading procedure.

The project is being carried out at the Sberbank AST electronic platform (www.sberbank-ast.ru) within the Commercial Customers’ Purchases section. Restricted tendering is offered to manufacturing pharmaceutical companies and secondary distributors. The new purchase procedure ensures equal conditions for the suppliers competing for a direct contract to be signed with retailers and gives a chance to pharmacies to increase their business efficiency due to more favourable supply terms.

The purchase process includes three stages. The first stage involves publication of tender documents on the electronic platform and collection of price quotes, the second stage means auction holding and supplier selection, the third one includes signing of the supply contract according to the results of additional non-price criteria assessment.

Organizer ProApteka Limited Liability Company offers a lot for supply of medicines for ProApteka and Rigla Pharmacy Chain with a certain international non-proprietary name having specified the dosage form, the dosage and the lot volume. The starting price shall be established on the basis of analysis of purchase prices available for CV PROTEK and Rigla Pharmacy Chain. Here the trading participants may also check out the supply contract form. They have a chance to monitor the price changes and adjust their quote online.

Upon termination of the first stage the purchase committee comprising the representatives of ProApteka and Rigla assesses the validity of quotes with regard to the request terms. The selected companies receive an invitation to the second stage, an auction lasting for one week.

After the auction is completed, the purchase committee selects the winner according to the rating of participants generated based on such criteria as price, quality of products (the data base of Roszdravnadzor (Federal Service for Surveillance in Healthcare) on quality control of medicines in circulation is analyzed), history and activity of the company’s participation in electronic trading. At this point the obligation to comply with the cooperation terms becomes effective for all the procedure participants, both customers and suppliers. The contract is signed with the contractor.

“Launch of electronic trading does not mean that we quit using other purchase methods, it is used in addition to them. Helping the two retail players of the company group in carrying out joint initiatives, this mechanism does not restrict their freedom and independence in terms of purchase principles and methods: joint tendering is carried out only for the goods in respect of which the companies have a common opinion”, Alexander Filippov, General Director of Rigla Pharmacy Chain, explained.

“Direct contracts with manufacturers are now widely spread in pharmaceutical retailing. We have implemented a project helping to integrate the most efficient partnership scheme. Suppliers sign a contract directly with a major retail customer with more than 6 thousand pharmacies in all Russian regions. Pharmacies obtain a new means of increasing their profits”, Evgeniy Korotkov, General Director of the ProApteka marketing association noted.

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