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CV PROTEK Joined the Expert Structures under the FCS of Russia

In July 2017, Nikolai Polyansky, Deputy General Director of CV PROTEK Central Committee for External Relations was included into the Expert Advisory Council for the Implementation of the Customs Policy and into the Public Council under the FCS of Russia. Being a member of the Expert Advisory Council, he will represent the interests of the pharmaceutical business on behalf of the Union of Professional Pharmaceutical Organizations (SPFO) where he holds the post of Chairman of the Committee on the Customs Policy. The council includes representatives of the largest associations and unions representing various industries of the Russian economy, in particular the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the Union of Producers and Importers, the Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs, the Russian Union of Taxpayers, Promotion of the Development of Foreign Trade, Associated Non-commercial Partnership and others.

The Expert Advisory Council on Implementation of the Customs Policy and the Public Council take an active part in the work on improving the customs policy of the country and the WTO, optimizing customs control, protecting the interests of domestic producers and consumers.

It is the first time that CV PROTEK joined the Public Council. As part of the Expert Advisory Board, PROTEK represented the interests of the pharmaceutical business for a number of years. Thanks to the work of a whole group of experts from the pharmaceutical industry and the federal customs service, for example, the setting up of customs posts (Davydovsky and Mamontovsky) was legislatively implemented. It should be mentioned that such customs posts, among other things, specialize in customs clearance of medicines, including sampling for laboratory testing and issuing declarations of conformance, compliance with storage and transportation conditions.

"The opinion of industry experts such as public organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors (including Protek) was taken into account when the Concept of customs clearance and customs control of goods in places close to the state border of the Russian Federation was implemented. The process did not touch upon pharmaceutical products, since in this case special requirements are imposed for the customs clearance of medicines. The state border is not currently provided with laboratories, special warehouses where storage conditions for medicines could be observed, and there are no specialists in sampling and registration of declarations of conformance," said Nikolai Polyansky, Deputy General Director of PROTEK Central Committee for External Relations.

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