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CV PROTEK commissioned a new distribution centre in Novosibirsk


A new distribution centre of CV PROTEK was commissioned on 29 May in Novosibirsk.

The amount of investments into construction and equipment of the warehouse was more than 1.2 billion Rubles. Its total area is 13,000 sq. m, warehouse area is 10,760 sq. m. The number of pallet spaces at the moment of the warehouse commissioning is about 3,800. If necessary, storage volume can be doubled. It is the largest regional warehouse of PROTEK.

The distribution centre was constructed in accordance with all the GDP requirements; there are three storage temperature zones: +(2-8)С, +(8-15)С, +(15-25)С. Modern equipment has been installed for temperature and humidity control. Sensors for temperature and humidity metering function automatically, temperature and humidity control is performed online. Retail orders of customers are collected using high-technology conveyor, manufactured and assembled by SSI Schafer Peem, CV PROTEK’s Austrian partner, in accordance with the requirements specification. Due to use of the “goods-to-person” innovative technology, the conveyor can process up to 250 thousand items a day.

Large area and effective work will allow enlarging the supplies geography to the maximum. The distribution centre in Novosibirsk will serve customers in Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Tomsk Regions and Norilsk. From 01 August Altai Territory, Republic of Altai, Omsk Region will join it. Goods will be supplied to 4,680 pharmacies and medical and preventive treatment institutions.

“The new office and warehouse complex in Novosibirsk is one more stage in increasing efficiency of our logistic infrastructure. Due to enlarging the radius of our customers servicing from the new warehouse, we will reduce commodity stock and costs for goods warehousing. Moreover, we will work with customers quicker and more qualitatively,” said Dmitry Pogrebinsky, General Director of CV PROTEK. 

Heads of PROTEK Group and representatives of Novosibirsk Region and Leninsky District of Novosibirsk administrations participated in the official opening ceremony. Aleksandr Grib, First Deputy Head of Leninsky District Administration, and Vadim Muzyaev, President of PROTEK Group, cut the red ribbon. Olga Nezamaeva, Head of Social Politics Department of Novosibirsk Mayor’s Office, and Andrei Likhanov, First Deputy Minister of Healthcare of Novosibirsk Region, congratulated the company on opening of the warehouse.

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